FireFlies AI

FireFlies AI automates meeting notes, transcriptions, and collaboration for effective team communication.

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FireFlies AI automates meeting notes, transcriptions, and collaboration for effective team communication.

FireFlies AI: A Review of the AI Meeting Assistant Tool

FireFlies AI is an innovative tool designed to streamline team collaboration by automating the recording, transcription, searching, and analysis of voice conversations. With support for a wide range of popular video-conferencing apps and collaboration platforms. This article provides an unbiased review of FireFlies AI, detailing its features, use cases, pricing, and more.

Features of FireFlies AI

FireFlies AI offers numerous features that aim to improve team efficiency and productivity. Some of the most notable features include:

  1. Automatic Meeting Recording and Transcription: Easily integrates with video-conferencing platforms such as Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex, Ringcentral, and Aircall. The tool transcribes meetings and generates transcripts in minutes, ensuring your team never misses any important details.
  2. AI-Powered Search: With the help of FireFlies, users can review a one-hour meeting in just five minutes. The platform’s AI-powered search allows for easy filtering of action items, tasks, questions, and other key metrics. This makes it simple to find and review critical information discussed during meetings.
  3. Collaboration Features: Fosters collaboration by enabling team members to add comments, pins, and reactions to specific parts of recorded conversations. Users can also create soundbites and share memorable moments from meetings with colleagues via popular collaboration apps like Slack, Notion, and Asana.
  4. Conversation Intelligence Analysis: Provides valuable insights into meeting dynamics by tracking speaker talk time, sentiment, monologues, and other key metrics. The tool can also identify objections, competitors, and customizable topic trackers, which can help improve sales, recruiting, and internal processes.
  5. Automated Workflows: Automates tasks such as logging call notes, activities, and recordings in your CRM. Users can even create tasks in Asana, Trello, and using voice commands during meetings. The platform ensures that your team stays in the loop by instantly sharing meeting recaps to collaboration apps.

Use Cases for FireFlies AI

FireFlies can be invaluable in various scenarios, including:

  1. Sales Meetings: By automatically recording and transcribing sales calls, FireFlies AI ensures that sales representatives can focus on building relationships rather than taking notes. Conversation intelligence analysis helps identify areas for improvement and track competitor mentions.
  2. Project Management: Project managers can use FireFlies to review meetings quickly, identify action items, and create tasks in project management tools, ensuring that projects stay on track and deadlines are met.
  3. Internal Team Meetings: Help teams stay organized by providing a searchable knowledge base of recorded meetings. This enables team members to easily access past conversations and ensures that valuable information is never lost.


FireFlies AI offers flexible pricing plans to suit various team sizes and requirements:

  1. Free Plan: Ideal for individuals starting with FireFlies AI, this plan offers limited transcription credits, 800 minutes of storage per seat, and access to key features such as meeting recording, transcription, and search.
  2. Pro Plan: Priced at $18 per seat per month, this plan is best suited for individuals and small teams. It includes unlimited transcription credits, 8,000 minutes of storage per seat, and additional features such as AI Super Summaries, global search, and CRM integrations.
  3. Business Plan: Designed for fast-growing teams or businesses, this plan is priced at $29 per seat per month. It offers enhanced features, including increased storage capacity, unlimited public channels, custom vocabulary, and advanced analytics to manage your growing team effectively.


In conclusion, FireFlies is a powerful tool that automates meeting notes and facilitates team collaboration by providing a comprehensive set of features for recording, transcribing, searching, and analyzing voice conversations. The platform’s flexibility in pricing and integration capabilities with popular video-conferencing apps and collaboration platforms make it a valuable addition to any organization’s productivity toolkit. Based on the features, use cases, and pricing, FireFlies AI earns a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. ⭐⭐⭐⭐✨

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Plans start $18/mo

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