Ajelix is an AI excel tool that helps you write and explain formulas, translate spreadsheets and generate templates

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Ajelix is an AI excel tool that helps you write and explain formulas, translate spreadsheets and generate templates

Ajelix: Revolutionize Spreadsheet Workflows with AI

Ajelix is an intelligent AI Excel tool designed to enhance the productivity of Excel and Google Sheets users. With its advanced features, Ajelix empowers users to perform complex tasks and functions effortlessly, thus significantly improving efficiency and saving time.

Key Features of Ajelix

  • Excel Formula Bot: Ajelix allows users to write formulas at a rapid pace, increasing their efficiency by 10X.
  • Formula and Script Collaboration: Users can save and share their formulas and scripts, fostering effective collaboration among teams.
  • Excel File Translator: With just a few clicks, Ajelix’s AI tools can translate Excel files, making multi-language data management easy.
  • AI Excel Add-in: By integrating AI tools into Excel, Ajelix adds power and versatility to the spreadsheet software.
  • Excel Template Generator: Users can generate Excel templates based on their keywords, making the process of creating new documents faster and more streamlined.
  • Excel VBA Scripts with AI: Ajelix’s AI tools help users write Excel VBA Scripts, eliminating the need for advanced programming knowledge.

Specific Use-Cases of Ajelix

Ajelix offers a diverse range of specialized tools that can be utilized by every Excel and Google Sheets user:

  • Excel Formula Generator: Users can translate text into a formula using the Excel AI Formula Bot.
  • Excel Formula Explainer: To help users understand complex Excel formulas, Ajelix employs sophisticated AI.
  • Excel VBA Script Generator: Ajelix’s AI quickly generates VBA Scripts for your spreadsheets.
  • Excel VBA Script Explainer: Ajelix’s AI can explain Excel VBA Scripts in two simple clicks.
  • Google Apps Script Generator & Explainer: Input what you want your script to do, and Ajelix’s AI will generate and explain it.
  • Google Sheets Formula Generator & Explainer: Ajelix’s AI can generate and explain Google Sheets formulas efficiently.
  • Excel File Translator: Ajelix can make translations much easier and faster with the Excel File Translator.
  • Formula and Script Library: Users can save formulas and scripts in their dashboard and collaborate with others.
  • Excel Template Generator: Ajelix AI Tools can generate a downloadable Excel file template from your keywords.
  • Excel Add-in: Enhance your Excel experience with Ajelix’s powerful Excel add-in.
  • Virtual AI Assistant: Get help from the world’s first virtual AI assistant for spreadsheets.


Ajelix provides a variety of plans to cater to different user needs:

  • Free Plan: This includes formula generators, script explainers, file translator, and email support, suitable for users seeking to improve their productivity with innovative methods.
  • Premium Plan ($5.95 monthly or $9.99 yearly): Includes unlimited requests, access to all tools, and priority support, ideal for teams and individuals to efficiently use spreadsheets on a daily basis.
  • Enterprise Plan: This is a custom plan, designed for businesses that require regular assistance with managing large volumes of spreadsheets. It includes live support, a dedicated Excel expert, on-demand meetings, spreadsheet audits, custom development, and spreadsheet automation.


Ajelix is an exceptional tool that brings the power of AI to everyday spreadsheet tasks. Whether you’re an individual seeking to boost your productivity or a large organization looking for ways to handle voluminous spreadsheets, Ajelix provides a practical, AI-enhanced solution.

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Plans start $6/mo

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