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Cody AI is a chatbot tailored to your business, offering instant answers, support, and insights.

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Cody is an AI chatbot that can assist your business in various tasks, such as answering questions, completing tasks, onboarding new hires, providing support and troubleshooting, and bringing new ideas and insights.

Artificial intelligence is transforming the business landscape, and every company wants to leverage its power to boost their productivity and improve their workflows. However, not every AI tool is designed to cater to a business’s unique needs and requirements. That’s where this AI toolcomes in. Cody AI is an intelligent assistant that can be trained on a business’s knowledge base to provide customized solutions to their team’s queries, support their workflows, and offer valuable insights to their clients.

Meet Cody AI: Your AI Assistant for Business

Cody AI is an AI-powered assistant similar to ChatGPT, but with the added advantage of being trainable on your specific business, team, processes, and clients. By utilizing a custom knowledge base, this AI tool offers tailored support for your team by answering questions, assisting with creative work, troubleshooting issues, and brainstorming ideas.

How does Cody AI work?

Cody AI can analyze all accumulated documents, including PowerPoints and PDFs, to provide instant answers to all business questions, without the need for keyword searches or context. This AI toolsearches all of your accumulated company data, including articles, PowerPoints, and PDFs, and sources the top 10 most relevant documents to create an answer to your question in seconds. It can also be used to troubleshoot issues, brainstorm ideas, and provide support to enhance employee efficiency.

Key Features

1. Instant Answers to Business Questions Say goodbye to time-consuming manual searches and sifting through endless documents. Cody AI acts as an expert on your company processes by analyzing all accumulated documents and providing the answers you need in seconds.

2. Upload Documents to Build Your Knowledge Base Securely upload any type of document, from PowerPoints to PDFs, to instantly integrate information and customize this AI tool for your company. The AI assistant will search the database you provide and use it to craft intelligent responses.

3. Source Attribution for Every Answer For added peace of mind, this AI tool provides the sources used to come up with every answer, whether from a single source or multiple documents. This ensures transparency and allows you to verify the accuracy of the information provided.


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