Grain is an AI-powered tool that automates meeting recording and provides insights for efficient teams

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Grain AI – Meeting Recording and Insights Capture

Grain AI is an innovative AI-powered meeting recording tool designed to streamline note-taking, record-keeping, and insights capture from customer conversations. By automating these tasks, Grain enables users to focus on the conversation and improve collaboration across teams. Trusted by over 100k users, Grain boasts integrations with popular platforms such as Slack, Salesforce, Notion, and more, making it accessible and useful for a wide range of professionals.

Features: Exploring Grain AI’s Capabilities

Grain AI offers an array of features that help make meeting documentation and insight capture more efficient:

  1. AI Meeting Summary: Grain AI generates accurate meeting summaries, allowing users to easily recall, clip, and share key moments without the need for manual note-taking.
  2. Full Meeting Transcripts: In addition to summaries, Grain AI provides complete transcripts of meetings, ensuring no detail is missed.
  3. Clip Moments into Video Highlights: Users can create video highlights from meeting recordings to emphasize crucial points and facilitate sharing.
  4. Automatic Recording Rules: It can be configured to automatically record meetings based on calendar events, ensuring all-important conversations are documented.
  5. Customize Personal AI Recorder: Users can customize their AI recorder to optimize meeting capture and analysis.
  6. Shared Team Meeting Library: It organizes meeting recordings and transcripts in a shared team library, making it easy to search and access information.

Use Cases: Grain AI in Action

Grain AI’s versatility makes it suitable for a variety of use cases:

  • Product Teams: It can help product teams gather and analyze customer feedback, aiding in product development and improvement.
  • Sales Teams: By capturing sales calls and meetings, Grain AI allows sales teams to review and refine their pitches and strategies.
  • Customer Success Teams: It helps customer success teams document customer interactions and identify areas for improvement, ensuring better support and satisfaction.
  • User Research: Researchers can utilize Grain AI to record and analyze interviews, streamlining the data collection process.


Grain AI offers three pricing tiers, catering to different needs:

  1. Free: This plan includes 20 meetings per free seat member, limited video uploads, and a maximum of five total seats. It offers essential AI-powered features such as meeting summaries, transcripts, and video highlights. The free plan is suitable for individuals and small teams with low meeting volume.
  2. Business: Priced at $19 per seat per month, the Business plan offers unlimited meetings, video uploads, and up to 20 free viewer seats. It includes additional features such as private meeting libraries, video collections, and custom vocabulary. This plan is designed for fast-growing teams with high meeting volume.
  3. Enterprise: Custom-priced for large businesses requiring additional privacy control, security configurations, and white-glove support. Contact Grai AI for a tailored plan.

Conclusion of Grain AI

Grain is an impressive AI-powered meeting recording tool that offers a range of features to help teams document and analyze customer conversations efficiently. Its seamless integrations and versatile use cases make it suitable for various teams, including product, sales, customer success, and user research. Grain’s pricing plans cater to different needs, from small teams to large enterprises, ensuring an accessible solution for all.

Given its capabilities and the value it brings to teams, Grain AI receives a 4.5 out of 5-star rating. ⭐⭐⭐⭐✨

In summary, Grain has the potential to revolutionize the way teams handle meeting documentation and insights capture. By automating these tasks, users can focus on what truly matters: the conversation and collaboration. With its robust features and flexible pricing, Grain is a tool worth considering for any team looking to streamline their meeting processes and enhance their customer interactions.

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Plans start $18/mo

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