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Dashworks is an AI search assistant for efficient knowledge discovery and organization for teams

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Dashworks is an AI search assistant for efficient knowledge discovery and organization

Dashworks AI Search – Knowledge Discovery Tool

Dashworks is an AI-powered search assistant designed to help teams find and organize their knowledge across various applications from a single location. It enables users to leverage their collective expertise and spend less time searching for information, leading to increased productivity and more efficient collaboration.

Features of Dashworks AI Search

Dashworks offers numerous features that help users find information quickly and efficiently:

  1. AI-Powered Personalization: Dashworks utilizes an industry-leading semantic engine to search for content and metadata within files, adapting to users’ roles and coworkers, improving with usage.
  2. Universal Search: Users can search for information spread across various file types and applications by simply typing as they would normally speak, making the search process more natural and intuitive.
  3. Automated Q&A: Dashworks’ deep learning capabilities provide direct responses to user queries, evolving based on the company’s questions.
  4. Curated Collections: Users can access collections of documents, messages, videos, and links that help them get up to speed with new projects or as new employees.
  5. Verified Docs: Users can verify search results to ensure they are viewing canonical and up-to-date documentation.
  6. Company Glossary: Dashworks allows teams to standardize nomenclature, acronyms, and other terminologies to enhance communication.
  7. Documentation Suggestions: Dashworks provides recommendations on which files need updating and suggests new documentation to address evolving team needs.

Use Cases for Dashworks AI Search

Dashworks can be beneficial in various scenarios, including:

  1. Onboarding new employees: New hires can access need-to-know information and gain a complete context of the company quickly.
  2. Breaking down departmental silos: Dashworks makes it easy for employees to find information across departments and locations, enhancing collaboration.
  3. Eliminating repetitive questions: With Dashworks, users can quickly find answers to their questions without bothering colleagues or searching through outdated wikis and messages.
  4. Streamlining knowledge management: Dashworks helps organize, centralize, and optimize information to improve team productivity.


Dashworks offers two pricing plans:

  1. Team Plan: $4.99 per active member per month
  2. Enterprise Plan: $9.99 per active member per month

Both plans offer a free trial and the option to cancel anytime.

Conclusion: Dashworks AI Search Review

Dashworks is a powerful tool designed to help teams find and organize their knowledge across various applications. Its AI-powered features, such as universal search and automated Q&A, make it an efficient solution for knowledge management. With flexible pricing plans, Dashworks is an excellent investment for teams looking to enhance productivity and collaboration. Rating: 4 out of 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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