YOU is an AI search engine for a customized search experience while keeping their data 100% private

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YOU is an AI search engine for a customized search experience while keeping their data 100% private

YOU AI is a platform that provides a suite of AI-powered tools aimed at helping users with tasks like personalized searching, writing, and image generation. The platform was founded by Richard Socher, the former Chief Scientist at Salesforce, and Bryan McCann, a former Lead Research Scientist in NLP at Salesforce, in 2020​1​.

Some of the key features of YOU AI include:

  • YouChat: An AI-powered conversational search assistant designed to provide natural-sounding and accurate outputs, answer complex questions, explain concepts, suggest ideas, translate texts, summarize articles, compose emails, and write code snippets. It incorporates advanced conversational AI technology and community-built applications and provides various types of results like charts, photos, videos, tables, graphs, text, or code​1
  • YouWrite: An AI writing tool that helps writers overcome writer’s block and improve their skills. It assists in creating various types of written content including emails, blog posts, novels, essays, and social media posts. The platform uses OpenAI’s GPT-3 language model to generate personalized content for users​1
  • YouImagine: An AI-powered image-generation tool that utilizes models like Stable Diffusion and Open Journey. It allows users to create AI-generated images using text​1​.
  • YouCode: Launched in July 2022, it provides programmers with an easy way to find solutions to their coding problems. It offers a search bar that understands plain language, AI code generation tools, code samples, a collection of relevant resources, and developer-specific tools such as a code editor and a debugging console​1​.

In terms of pricing, YouChat is currently available for free, as it is still in its beta version​2​. YouWrite is priced at $1 per week, with two subscription options, YouWrite Basic for $3.99/month and YouWrite Plus for $7.99/month​3​. Both YouImagine and YouCode are available for free, as per the information available till now.

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