Perplexity AI

Perplexity AI is an AI-driven search engine and chatbot for accurate, comprehensive, and real-time responses to queries

Perplexity AI is an AI-driven search engine and chatbot for accurate, comprehensive, and real-time responses to queries

Unleashing Search Capabilities with Perplexity AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has reshaped how we interact with information online. Today, we introduce Perplexity AI, an AI-driven search engine and chatbot, designed to bring you accurate, comprehensive, and real-time responses to your queries. What does this mean in layman’s terms? It is like having an intelligent digital assistant that scans the web to deliver the most accurate information to answer your questions.

Key Features of Perplexity AI

  • AI-powered Search: Perplexity AI leverages advanced AI technologies to search the web and deliver the most relevant information.
  • Real-time Responses: The system is designed to offer up-to-date information on a wide range of topics in real time.
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP): Perplexity AI uses NLP to understand user queries and deliver more accurate results.
  • Citations and Related Topics: Beyond just answers, the platform provides links to citations and related topics to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the queried subject.
  • Accessibility: Currently, Perplexity AI is freely accessible via a web browser and the Apple App Store, ensuring convenience for users across different platforms.

Use Cases of Perplexity AI

  • Web-based Research: For professionals and students conducting research, Perplexity AI serves as an effective tool for sourcing relevant, updated information.
  • Quick Query Resolution: With real-time responses, it helps in swiftly resolving queries on diverse topics.
  • Learning and Education: For learners of all ages, the AI chatbot acts as an educational companion, providing comprehensive answers and related topics for deeper understanding.


Perplexity AI offers a paid “Pro” subscription in addition to its free access, with the following plans:

  • Monthly ($20/month): Billed per month, the Pro subscription unlocks advanced AI search and generation capabilities.
  • Yearly ($200/year): Billed annually, the Pro subscription allows users to save $40 a year while accessing the same benefits.

The Pro subscription includes enhanced features like increased daily uses, access to more powerful AI models like GPT-4, dedicated Pro Support, a private Discord channel with other Pro users and employees, and access to future Pro features at no extra cost.


With a unique blend of advanced AI technologies, Perplexity AI is revolutionizing the search engine landscape. Its core competency lies in its ability to understand and respond to user queries accurately, swiftly, and comprehensively.

The platform receives a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. The deduction stems from its dependency on AI, which, although incredibly advanced, may not always perfectly understand or interpret complex or nuanced human language. Nonetheless, its range of features, speed, and the depth of information make it a compelling tool for individuals and businesses alike.



Plans start $20/mo

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