TTS is an AI text-to-speech platform designed specifically for Twitch streamers and content creators

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TTSLabs is an AI text-to-speech (TTS) service specifically for Twitch streamers. It enables content creators to customize their TTS experiences, utilize unique voices, add sound clips, and much more.

TTSLabs: Revolutionizing Text-to-Speech for Streamers

TTSLabs is an AI-driven text-to-speech (TTS) service designed specifically for Twitch streamers. It enables content creators to customize their TTS experiences, utilize unique voices, add sound clips, and much more. With its dedicated desktop app, fast processing, and viewer interaction features, TTSLabs is an invaluable tool for streamers looking to elevate their audience engagement.

Core Features of TTSLabs

  1. Dedicated desktop app: TTSLabs offers a user-friendly desktop app that allows streamers to manage and customize TTS settings, including voice selection, sound clips, pricing, and more.
  2. Faster-than-real-time processing: The platform can generate 20 seconds of audio in less than 3 seconds, ensuring minimal lag and a seamless experience for streamers and viewers.
  3. Custom guide for viewers: TTSLabs provides an interactive guide for viewers, allowing them to check enabled alerts, voices, sound clips, and minimum values required for TTS donations.
  4. Sync with Streamlabs and StreamElements: The desktop app can be synced with popular streaming platforms like Streamlabs and StreamElements, enabling streamers to control TTS donations through their existing dashboard.
  5. Profanity management: TTSLabs includes preset profanity levels and custom profanity filters to help streamers maintain a clean and family-friendly environment.
  6. Sound clips: Streamers can add unique sound clips to enhance creativity and entertainment value for their viewers during TTS donations.

How TTSLabs Works

TTSLabs uses advanced AI algorithms and speech synthesis technology to convert text into realistic, human-like speech. It allows streamers to choose from over 80 custom voices and manage TTS settings through a dedicated desktop app. Streamers can sync the app with Streamlabs or StreamElements to control TTS donations seamlessly.

Use Cases 

  1. Twitch streamers: It is specifically designed for Twitch streamers, helping them to enhance their viewer engagement and interaction during live streams.
  2. Gaming content creators: Gamers who create content for platforms like YouTube or Facebook Gaming can also benefit from the unique TTS features provided by TTSLabs.
  3. Interactive live events: TTSLabs can be used for hosting interactive live events, such as Q&A sessions, interviews, or panel discussions, where audience participation and real-time feedback are crucial.


TTSLabs offers two pricing plans:

  1. Free Plan: The Free plan includes access to 80+ custom voices, unlimited classic voice alerts, support for tips, bits, channel point redemptions, advanced profanity filters, 400 AI voice alerts per month, 10 enabled voices, 25 enabled audio clips, and customer support.
  2. Pro Plan ($25/month): The Pro plan offers all features of the Free plan, with additional benefits such as unlimited AI voice alerts, unlimited enabled voices, unlimited enabled audio clips, priority customer support, early access to new voices, priority processing, and extended alert support for raids and hosts.


  1. Customization: It provides a high level of customization for streamers, allowing them to tailor their TTS experience to their unique preferences and audience.
  2. Integration with popular streaming platforms: The platform’s seamless integration with Streamlabs and StreamElements ensures streamers can manage TTS donations within their existing dashboard.
  3. Fast processing: TTSLabs’ faster-than-real-time processing ensures minimal lag and a smooth experience for both streamers and viewers.


  1. Limited to Twitch streamers: The platform is primarily designed for Twitch streamers, which may limit its appeal to content creators on other platforms. However, gamers and creators on platforms like YouTube or Facebook Gaming can still benefit from TTSLabs’ unique TTS features.

Comparing TTSLabs to Other Text-to-Speech Tools

It has several competitors in the text-to-speech market, including,, Amazon Polly, Murf. Here’s a brief comparison of these tools:

  1. is a text-to-speech tool designed for creating audio versions of written content, such as blog posts or articles. It lacks the customization and streaming-specific features offered by TTSLabs.
  2. is primarily focused on transcription services and meeting collaboration. It does not offer the same level of TTS customization or streamer-specific features as TTSLabs.
  3. Amazon Polly: Amazon Polly is a powerful TTS service that offers a wide range of voices and languages. However, it is not specifically tailored for streamers and lacks the integration and customization features provided by TTSLabs.
  4. Murf: Murf is a TTS platform designed for creating voiceovers for videos, podcasts, and other multimedia projects. While it offers high-quality AI-generated voices, it does not provide the streaming-specific features and integration found in TTSLabs.


In conclusion, It is an innovative text-to-speech solution tailored specifically for Twitch streamers. Its unique features, such as the dedicated desktop app, seamless integration with popular streaming platforms, faster-than-real-time processing, and high degree of customization, make it a valuable tool for streamers looking to enhance their audience engagement and interaction. While there are other TTS tools available on the market, TTSLabs stands out for its focus on the streaming community and its commitment to delivering a tailored TTS experience. With competitive pricing and a rich set of features, TTSLabs is an excellent choice for streamers looking to upgrade their content and audience engagement.

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