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FakeYou is an AI text-to-speech and voice changer tool that uses deep fake technology to create audios and videos

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FakeYou is an AI text to speech, and voice changer using cutting-edge deep fake technology

FakeYou – AI Music, Text to Speech, & Voice Changer

FakeYou is an AI-powered tool that specializes in music, text to speech, and voice transformation. Utilizing deep fake technology, it enables users to generate audio or videos featuring their favorite characters, celebrities, or personas, saying anything they want. This innovative tool is particularly useful for content creators, social media users, and anyone looking to add a unique touch to their messages or creations.

Features: What Makes FakeYou Stand Out

There are several key features that distinguish FakeYou from other AI tools in the market:

  1. Text to Speech: This feature allows users to convert text into an audio clip spoken in their desired character’s voice. It’s ideal for creating engaging content or adding a personal touch to text-based messages.
  2. Voice to Voice Conversion: With the voice conversion feature, users can transform their speaking voice into that of another character or celebrity. This is perfect for voiceover artists, content creators, or anyone looking to change their voice for a specific project.
  3. Video Lip Sync: FakeYou offers the capability to lip-sync video to audio, allowing users to create seamless video content with their chosen character’s voice.
  4. AI-Powered Tools: The AI algorithms utilized by FakeYou ensure high-quality voice generation and transformation, making the end results both realistic and impressive.
  5. Community Engagement: FakeYou encourages users to join their Discord community, where they can share ideas, ask questions, and connect with like-minded individuals.

Use Cases: Exploring the Potential of FakeYou

There are numerous scenarios where FakeYou can prove to be helpful. Some real-life examples include:

  1. Content creators producing YouTube videos, podcasts, or social media posts can use FakeYou to enhance their content with unique and engaging voiceovers.
  2. Educators and e-learning professionals can create engaging, character-based lessons or instructional materials for their students.
  3. Marketers can leverage FakeYou’s voice transformation features for advertising campaigns, making their messaging more appealing and memorable.
  4. Voiceover artists can use the tool to expand their vocal range and capabilities, providing a wider variety of character voices for their clients.
  5. Social media users can create entertaining, personalized voice messages or posts using their favorite characters or celebrities, adding a unique touch to their online presence.


FakeYou offers three pricing tiers for users:

  1. Plus ($7/month): This plan includes normal processing priority, unlimited text-to-speech generation (up to 30 seconds audio), voice-to-voice conversion (up to 4 minutes of audio), and video lip sync (up to 1 minute video).
  2. Pro ($15/month): Pro users enjoy faster processing priority, unlimited text-to-speech generation (up to 1-minute audio), voice-to-voice conversion (up to 5 minutes of audio), video lip sync (up to 2 minutes video), ad-free experience (coming soon), and additional interactive features (coming soon).
  3. Elite ($25/month): The Elite plan offers the fastest processing priority, unlimited text-to-speech generation (up to 2 minutes audio), unlimited voice-to-voice conversion, video lip sync (up to 2 minutes video), and access to upcoming features like building your own channel and commercial voices.


FakeYou offers a unique and powerful toolset for content creators, marketers, and social media users, enabling them to transform text and voice into engaging, character-based audio and video content. With its innovative AI-powered technology and user-friendly interface, FakeYou is an exciting addition to the world of AI tools and voice transformation applications.

Rating: 4/5 Stars

We rate FakeYou 4 out of 5 stars. While it offers innovative features, seamless voice generation, and an interactive community, it still has room for improvement in terms of processing speed and expanding its library of available voices. Additionally, the full potential of upcoming features like ad-free experience and building your own channel remains to be seen. Despite these minor drawbacks, FakeYou is undoubtedly a valuable tool for creative professionals and individuals alike.

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Plans start $7/mo

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