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An AI Summarizer tool designed to help users summarize articles, webpages and essays

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TLDRthis is an AI Summarizer tool designed to help users summarize articles, webpages, essays and much more.

TLDRthis AI Summarizer – Review and Analysis

TLDRthis AI Summarizer is an online tool designed to help users summarize and digest long pieces of text quickly and efficiently. This AI-powered solution enables users to transform lengthy articles, news stories, and other content into concise summaries that are easy to read and understand. In this unbiased review, we will explore TLDRthis’s features, use cases, and pricing plans to help you decide if this tool is suitable for your needs.


TLDRthis AI Summarizer offers a range of features to improve your content consumption experience:

  1. Automatic Article Summarization: TLDRthis’s AI analyzes text and summarizes it automatically, allowing you to read and comprehend the content quickly.
  2. Article Metadata Extraction: The tool extracts author and date information, related images, title, and reading time from news articles and blog posts, providing you with a comprehensive summary.
  3. Distraction and Ad-Free Reading: TLDRthis eliminates ads, popups, and other distractions to offer a clean, focused reading experience.
  4. Avoid the Clickbait Trap: The tool filters out weak arguments, baseless speculation, and flashy phrases, ensuring you receive the most relevant information in your summary.

AI Summarizer Use Cases

TLDRthis AI Summarizer can be helpful in a variety of situations, such as:

  1. Academic Research: Students can use TLDRthis to create summaries of complex articles, helping them study more efficiently.
  2. Content Creation: Writers can leverage TLDRthis to generate concise overviews of background reading, streamlining the writing process and improving readability.
  3. Professional Reading: Business professionals can utilize TLDRthis to stay updated on industry news and developments by quickly grasping the main points of relevant articles.
  4. Teaching: Teachers can use the tool to summarize long documents or chapters for their students, making the material more accessible.


TLDRthis offers several pricing plans:

  1. Free Plan: Unlimited basic summaries, 10 advanced AI summaries (one-time), up to 10 paraphrases (one-time), browser extensions, distraction and ad-free reading, article metadata extraction, and important keywords detection.
  2. Starter Plan ($4.99/month): Unlimited basic summaries, 100 advanced AI summaries per month, up to 100 paraphrases per month, and priority support.
  3. Professional Plan ($9.99/month): Unlimited basic summaries, 500 advanced AI summaries per month, up to 500 paraphrases per month, and priority support.
  4. Business Plan ($19.99/month): Unlimited basic and advanced AI summaries, up to 1000 paraphrases per month, and priority support.
  5. Pay-as-You-Go: Purchase credits for summarization or paraphrasing on demand, with no upfront commitment.

AI Summarizer Conclusion

TLDRthis AI Summarizer is a versatile and efficient tool for summarizing and digesting content. Its features, such as automatic article summarization, metadata extraction, and ad-free reading, make it a valuable resource for students, professionals, and content creators.

Considering its capabilities, user-friendly interface, and the value it provides, we rate TLDRthis AI Summarizer 4 out of 5 stars

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Plans start $4.99/mo

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