An AI summarizer tool to help summarize research articles, reports, and book chapters.

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Scholarcy is an AI summarizer tool to help summarize research articles, reports, and book chapters.

Review of Scholarcy AI Summarizer

Scholarcy AI Summarizer is an AI-powered tool designed to help researchers, students, and professionals quickly assess the importance of research articles, reports, and book chapters. By breaking down documents into bite-sized sections, Scholarcy aims to save users hundreds of hours and streamline the process of understanding and utilizing relevant research. This unbiased review will delve into the features, use cases, and pricing plans of Scholarcy, with a focus on maintaining a neutral tone and prioritizing the information provided.


Scholarcy boasts a variety of features that provide benefits to users, including:

  1. Extracting key facts, figures, and references: As an article summarizer tool, Scholarcy creates summary flashcards of documents in Word or PDF format, making it easy to follow arguments and understand main points quickly. It also creates links to open-access versions of cited sources and can extract figures, tables, and images.
  2. Building a personal summarized research library: Scholarcy’s browser extension for Chrome and Edge integrates with open-access repositories such as arXiv, biorXiv, and OSF Preprints. It also works with Scholarcy Library, a subscription service that builds a searchable collection of summary cards accessible from any device.
  3. Suggested background reading: Scholarcy generates a background reading list to help users get up to speed on the main topics of the latest research. It also highlights terms and abbreviations in the text for easy reference while reading.
  4. Robo-Highlighter™: Scholarcy’s unique Robo-Highlighter™ automatically highlights important phrases and contributions made by papers, eliminating the need for manual highlighting.
  5. Referenced summary creation: Scholarcy creates referenced summaries that make citing information in reports, essays, or theses easier. The summarization process is fully customizable in terms of word count, highlighting level, and language variation.
  6. Reference finding and extraction: Scholarcy locates open-access PDFs from sources like Google Scholar and arXiv, and enables users to download entire bibliographies in BibTex or .RIS format for easy import into reference management tools.
  7. Table and figure extraction: Scholarcy extracts tables from PDF or Word documents and allows users to download them in Excel format for further analysis. It also provides cross-referenced thumbnails of figures in the PDF.

Use Cases for Scholarcy AI Summarizer

Scholarcy AI Summarizer can be helpful in various scenarios, such as:

  1. Academic research: Researchers can quickly assess the relevance of numerous papers, extracting key information and reducing the time spent appraising studies by over 70%.
  2. Student work: Students can use Scholarcy to digest large volumes of research material efficiently, enabling them to focus on the most relevant information for their assignments or theses.
  3. Professional development: Professionals in various fields can use Scholarcy to stay updated on the latest research in their industry, making informed decisions and staying ahead of competitors.
  4. Content curation: Content curators can utilize Scholarcy to summarize and extract key information from articles, enabling them to create engaging and informative content for their audiences.

Pricing of Scholarcy AI Summarizer

Scholarcy offers a free browser extension for Chrome and Edge, along with a Flashcards Bookmarklet and Flashcard web app for users of other browsers. For those who want to build a personal library of summary cards with additional features such as sharing, annotating, and exporting, Scholarcy Library is available at a cost of $9.99 per user per month. Volume discounts, multi-user licenses, and commercial use options are available upon request.

Academic organizations and universities can provide access to Scholarcy Library for staff and students through institutional licenses, enhancing the research capabilities of their community.


In conclusion, Scholarcy AI Summarizer is a powerful and versatile tool designed to help users quickly assess the importance of research articles, reports, and book chapters. Its features, such as extracting key facts, figures, and references, creating referenced summaries, and building a personal summarized research library, provide significant value to researchers, students, and professionals across various fields.

Scholarcy’s pricing plans cater to individual users with its free browser extension and paid subscription options for the Scholarcy Library, as well as to academic organizations and universities through institutional licenses.

Considering the features, use cases, and pricing options, Scholarcy AI Summarizer earns a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. ⭐⭐⭐⭐✨

Overall, Scholarcy AI Summarizer is a valuable tool for those who need to quickly assess and understand large volumes of research material. By offering a range of features and pricing plans, Scholarcy caters to the needs of various users while maintaining a neutral, unbiased perspective.

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