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Namy AI

Namy is an AI-powered name generator that allows you to find the perfect name for your projects

Namy.ai is an AI-powered name generator that helps you find the perfect name for your projects. Namy.ai is designed to create unique, available domain names.

Finding the perfect domain name for your project or business can be a daunting task. With most domain names already taken, it’s challenging to find a unique and available domain that fits your brand. Namy.ai is here to change that. Created by Hugo Montenegro, Namy.ai is an AI-powered domain generator that helps you find the ideal domain name for your next project. In this blog article, we’ll take a deep dive into how Namy.ai works, its roadmap for the future, and the business model behind it.

How Namy.ai Works

Namy.ai uses a large dataset of around 10 million domain names and their content to train a PyTorch model, which consists of customized transformer architecture. After training, the model predicts new sequences to generate unique domain names. These AI-generated domain names are checked for availability using the Namecheap API and other APIs when the quota limits are reached.

The available domain names are temporarily stored in a PostgreSQL database, and the frontend pulls the results every second until they’re ready to be displayed.

Namy.ai Roadmap

Namy.ai is constantly evolving, with plans for several improvements:

  1. Bigger, better model: Incorporating high-level website features, such as Alexa ranking, category, and description, to enhance domain generation capabilities.
  2. Interactive model: Allowing users to generate domain names by providing seed phrases or categories. [Already implemented!]
  3. Scoring of generated domain names: Determining the best domain names to show users by implementing a scoring system.
  4. Twitter bot: Creating a bot that allows users to generate domain names via Twitter, increasing its reach and virality.

Namy.ai Business Model

The business model behind Namy.ai is simple: affiliate links. Whenever a user registers a domain through an affiliate link provided at checkout, Namy.ai receives a 10% commission. This model aligns business and customer interests, as Namy.ai profits when it delivers good domain name suggestions that users find valuable enough to purchase.

About Hugo Montenegro, the Creator of Namy.ai

Hugo Montenegro is a builder and creator with a love for developing projects that solve problems. Passionate about creating meaningful products, he turned his focus to domain name generation after struggling to find suitable names for his own projects. You can learn more about Hugo and his other projects on his blog, hugomontenegro.com/projects, and connect with him on Twitter @uwwgo.

Try Namy.ai Today and Discover Your Perfect Domain Name

Don’t let the challenge of finding the perfect domain name hold you back. Try Namy.ai today and let the AI-powered domain name generator do the work for you. With its ever-improving capabilities, Namy.ai is your go-to solution for finding unique, available domain names for your next project.



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