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Monterey AI helps businesses understand their customers’ needs and opinions better by analyzing data from sources

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Monterey AI helps businesses understand their customers’ needs and opinions better by analyzing data from sources

Monterey AI – Product Development with Insights

Monterey AI is a cutting-edge AI tool designed to empower Product and CX teams by instantly transforming millions of data points into actionable insights. Developed by AI and data leads from Uber, Scale, and MIT, Monterey AI enables companies to make evidence-based decisions with confidence. With a focus on privacy and security, this innovative tool is tailored to support startups and enterprises in their journey from day one to IPO.

Features: Harnessing the Power of Monterey AI

Monterey AI offers a suite of features that cater to various aspects of product development and customer experience management. These features include:

  1. Plug into existing tools instantly: Monterey AI seamlessly integrates with thousands of sources, extracting accurate and real-time data to deliver insights to your productivity stack.
  2. Custom models that continuously learn: Companies looking for innovative and robust solutions can benefit from custom models that improve over time.
  3. Scalable infrastructure from day 0 to IPO: It can process millions of data points in seconds, while also providing startups with the necessary infrastructure to set up the voice of users.
  4. Privacy and security first approach: The tool employs masking algorithms to ensure sensitive data is processed securely, adhering to industry-level security and privacy standards.
  5. Create a customer-centric brand: It helps businesses set up feedback infrastructure, such as embeddable widgets, request portals, and connections with CRM and social media platforms.
  6. Monitor user voice in real-time: The tool unlocks trends, groups insights, and deepens understanding of user needs across 85+ global languages.
  7. Triage reports to the right team: It integrates with engineering platforms to ensure that every decision is worked on and communicated precisely.

Use Cases: Monterey AI in Action

It  can be deployed in various scenarios to boost productivity and customer satisfaction. Some real-life examples include:

  1. Product development: Teams can leverage user feedback and insights to prioritize features and make data-driven decisions in their product development lifecycle.
  2. Customer experience management: It helps businesses monitor and analyze customer feedback, enabling them to identify risks and opportunities, and uncover insights in real-time.
  3. Marketing: By analyzing user feedback and trends, it can provide valuable insights for marketing teams to craft effective campaigns targeting specific customer segments.


Monterey AI offers three pricing plans to cater to businesses of different sizes and requirements:

  1. Starter ($39/month): Designed for teams just getting started, this plan includes 250 items per month, up to 5 seats, core integrations, in-app widget, voting portal, basic insights report, and Slack community support.
  2. Growth ($790/month): Aimed at teams with a rapidly growing user base, this plan offers 3,000 data points per month, up to 20 seats, all integrations, advanced insights report, user segmentation, and Slack Connect.
  3. Enterprise (Custom pricing): Tailored for organizations with custom model and security requirements, this plan features unlimited data points, unlimited seats, custom integrations, custom insights report, custom triage models, and 24/7 founder support.


Overall, Monterey AI is a powerful tool that helps businesses make data-driven decisions, improve product development, and enhance customer experience. It offers numerous features and use cases, making it a valuable addition to any organization. However, the pricing might be a barrier for small businesses or startups. Thus, our rating for Monterey AI is 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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Plans start $39/mo

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