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Luminance is a legal process automation platform designed to streamline legal operations and deliver value

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Luminance is an AI law and legal process automation platform designed to streamline legal operations and deliver value across various business sectors.

Luminance AI Law & Legal Process Automation Platform

Luminance is an AI-powered legal process automation platform designed to streamline legal operations and deliver value across various business sectors. Developed by mathematicians from the University of Cambridge, Luminance’s AI technology can read and form a conceptual understanding of legal documents in any language, enhancing a wide range of legal matters. The platform has been adopted by over 500 organizations in 60 countries, processing more than 150 million documents in 80 languages.

Features of Luminance AI Law

Luminance offers several features that significantly benefit legal professionals, addressing various aspects of the legal process. Key features include:

  1. AI-powered contract drafting, negotiation, and understanding: Luminance Corporate offers next-generation AI technology to enhance and expedite the entire contract lifecycle process and automate legal workflows.
  2. Automated contract review: Luminance Diligence provides AI assistance for a wide range of contract review projects, including M&A due diligence and regulatory compliance exercises.
  3. End-to-end AI-powered eDiscovery: Luminance Discovery helps expedite investigations, arbitrations, and litigation matters, from Early Case Assessment to Data Subject Access Requests.
  4. Integration with existing software: Luminance seamlessly integrates with MS Word, Outlook, Salesforce, and various virtual data rooms, such as SharePoint and Dropbox.
  5. Powerful workflow tools: The platform offers AI-powered tools to automate workflows and improve efficiency across an organization.

Use Cases of of Luminance AI Law

Luminance AI can be utilized in various scenarios, offering significant benefits to legal professionals. Some real-life examples include:

  1. Avianca, a major airline, reported a 90% time-saving on a review of over 1,000 documents. Luminance AI Law also helped the company identify key clauses in eight different languages and significantly reduce outside counsel costs.
  2. IDEXX, a global leader in veterinary diagnostics and software, used Luminance AI to review 20,000 documents in just 20 minutes. The AI platform helped the company quickly identify exposure to sanctioned entities and adapt to unforeseen circumstances.
  3. Koch Industries, one of the largest private companies in the United States, achieved a 50% reduction in outside counsel spend and a 90% time-saving on contract processing using Luminance AI Law.


Luminance does not provide specific pricing information on its website. However, the platform’s value proposition is evident through the significant time and cost savings reported by its clients. Potential users are encouraged to contact Luminance for a tailored pricing plan based on their specific needs and requirements.


Luminance AI offers a comprehensive, AI-powered solution for legal professionals looking to streamline operations, save time, and reduce costs. With its next-generation AI technology, powerful workflow tools, and seamless integration with existing software, Luminance is well-positioned to address the challenges faced by legal professionals in today’s fast-paced business environment.

Given its impressive track record, advanced features, and strong endorsements from reputable organizations, Luminance AI Law earns a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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