CaseText is an AI legal assistant powered by GPT-4 that helps user streamline their legal processes

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CaseText is an AI law and legal assistant powered by GPT-4. It streamlines legal research, document review, deposition preparation, and contract analysis, delivering superior results at superhuman speed.

CaseText AI Law & Legal Assistant

CaseText AI Law is an innovative platform that offers CoCounsel, the world’s first reliable AI legal assistant powered by GPT-4. Designed to handle a variety of critical tasks, CoCounsel streamlines legal research, document review, deposition preparation, and contract analysis, delivering superior results at superhuman speed. By utilizing this groundbreaking technology, legal professionals can save time, better serve their clients, and grow their practice.

Features: Key Benefits of CaseText AI Law 

CaseText AI and CoCounsel offer several key features that provide significant advantages for legal professionals:

  1. Fast-Track Legal Research and Deposition Prep: Input an issue and relevant information such as jurisdiction, and CoCounsel provides a complete answer with supporting sources in seconds. For deposition preparation, simply provide the necessary details and receive a thorough outline in no time.
  2. Comprehensive Document Review: CoCounsel identifies critical documents in contract databases and essential information in discovery, increasing precision and recall while reducing costs.
  3. Automated Contract Revision: Upload contracts and the policies they should comply with, and CoCounsel identifies relevant clauses, conflicts, and risks, then recommends revisions.

Use Cases: How CaseText AI Law Can Be Helpful

CaseText AI and CoCounsel can be valuable assets in a variety of legal scenarios, including:

  1. Legal Research: CoCounsel enables legal professionals to conduct thorough and efficient research, providing accurate answers and supporting sources for specific legal issues.
  2. Deposition Preparation: By generating comprehensive deposition outlines, CoCounsel assists in preparing for depositions quickly and effectively.
  3. Document Review: CoCounsel can streamline the document review process by identifying crucial documents and critical information, helping legal professionals save time and resources.
  4. Contract Analysis: With automated contract revision, CoCounsel can identify relevant clauses, conflicts, and risks in contracts, then suggest revisions to ensure compliance with applicable policies.


CaseText AI offers three pricing plans to suit the diverse needs of legal professionals:

  1. CoCounsel On Demand: No monthly fee, ideal for occasional use. Pay per use after access is granted ($50 for database search, $75 for document review, and $50 for legal research memo).
  2. Basic Research: Priced at $220 per month, this plan includes access to research features, such as searching state and federal cases, statutes, regulations, and rules. Pay as you go for CoCounsel services.
  3. CoCounsel All Access: For $500 per month, this plan offers the best value for frequent users, providing full access to all CoCounsel skills without additional charges.

All plans include excellent support from CaseText’s customer support team, available through live chat and email seven days a week.


CaseText AI Law and CoCounsel represent a significant advancement in legal technology, leveraging GPT-4 to provide a reliable AI legal assistant that streamlines critical tasks for legal professionals. With its wide array of features and flexible pricing plans, CaseText AI Law and CoCounsel offer considerable benefits for legal professionals, helping them better serve their clients and grow their practice.

Given the platform’s powerful capabilities, potential to transform legal practice, and the flexibility of its pricing plans, CaseText AI Law and CoCounsel earn a 4.5 out of 5-star rating for their innovative approach to legal technology.

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Plans start $220/mo

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