Skinive is an innovative AI-driven mobile app designed to enhance your skin health tracking and care

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Skinive is an innovative AI-driven mobile app designed to enhance your skin health tracking and care

Skinive – Your Personal AI Dermatologist


Skinive AI is an innovative, artificial intelligence (AI)-powered solution, designed to be a virtual dermatologist for users. Put simply, it’s like having a skin health expert in your pocket. Skinive AI uses sophisticated algorithms to perform skin assessments, offering users valuable insights about their skin’s health. It’s an CE-marked medical software trusted worldwide by dermatologists, individuals at home, and professionals in primary care.

Key Features of Skinive AI

  • Regular Skinive Screening: Encourages users to conduct more effective and meaningful skin self-exams, fostering proactive skin health management.
  • AI-based Real-Time Camera: Helps users capture the best possible images of their skin, enabling the evaluation and identification of skin problems.
  • 3D Skin-Map: Enhances documentation speed and accuracy, providing a comprehensive understanding of the user’s skin condition.

Use Cases of Skinive AI

  • Home Use: Facilitates at-home skin health tracking, empowering individuals to monitor their skin condition regularly.
  • Medical Professionals: Aids dermatologists and other medical professionals in improving diagnostic precision and practice efficiency.
  • Third-Party Developers: Provides an AI-powered dermatology technology for developers in the Digital Health and Beauty IT solutions space.


Skinive AI is a remarkable tool that democratizes access to dermatological expertise. By harnessing the power of AI, it helps users conduct regular and effective skin self-exams, offers real-time camera assistance, and provides a comprehensive 3D skin-map for enhanced documentation.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 4/5

While Skinive AI’s impressive features earn it a high rating, the lack of transparency around its pricing model is a drawback. However, its unique approach to skin health tracking and diagnosis undoubtedly positions it as a standout solution in the AI healthcare space.


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