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Skillroads is an AI resume and cover letter builder and editor tool to help you elevate your job search

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Skillroads is an AI resume and cover letter builder and editor tool to help you elevate your job search

Skillroads AI Resume: The Future of Resume Creation

Skillroads is an innovative artificial intelligence-powered platform designed to revolutionize the way job seekers create resumes and access career services. With an emphasis on automating the resume creation process and providing personalized career guidance, it aims to empower job seekers and streamline their job search journey.

Features of Skillroads AI Resume

Skillroads AI Resume offers several essential features that make it a standout tool for job seekers. These include:

  1. AI Resume Generator: Using smart data sourcing and natural language processing (NLP), Skillroads generates a custom resume tailored to your preferred job title and experience.
  2. Smart Resume Review: The platform provides a free resume checker that ensures your resume is striking, error-free, and optimized to land your desired job.
  3. Cover Letter Generator: Offers a cover letter builder that helps you create a compelling cover letter to accompany your resume.
  4. LinkedIn Profile Editing: The platform assists with LinkedIn profile optimization to ensure you get noticed by potential employers and expand your professional network.
  5. Fortune 500 Jobs: Skillroads provides access to job openings from Fortune 500 companies to help you explore a wide range of opportunities.
  6. Career Tips: Gain valuable insights and advice to craft a compelling career story and improve your chances of getting hired.

Use Cases of Skillroads AI Resume

This is suitable for various scenarios, such as:

  1. Recent Graduates: New graduates can benefit from Skillroads’ AI-driven resume generator and cover letter builder, ensuring they have a polished, professional resume to kickstart their career.
  2. Job Seekers Changing Careers: For individuals transitioning to a new career, Skillroads can analyze their skills and experiences, generating a resume tailored to their target industry.
  3. Professionals Seeking Promotions: Skillroads’ AI-powered platform can identify strengths and relevant accomplishments, helping professionals create a resume highlighting their career progression and suitability for a higher role.
  4. Freelancers and Consultants: With the AI Resume Generator, freelancers and consultants can create a targeted resume that showcases their diverse skillsets and project experiences.


It offers various pricing plans and packages to cater to different users’ needs:

  1. Resume Writing: Priced at $100, this package includes a personalized resume tailored to your skills, career expectations, and job opening, with certified professional resume writers on board.
  2. Resume Writing + Cover Letter Writing: For $140, this package includes all features of the Resume Writing package, plus a customized cover letter for your dream job opening.
  3. Resume Writing + Cover Letter Writing + LinkedIn Profile Editing: At $215, this comprehensive package includes all features from the Resume Writing + Cover Letter Writing package, along with professional LinkedIn profile renovation services.


Skillroads offers an innovative approach to resume creation and career services, leveraging artificial intelligence to streamline the job search process. With its array of features and competitive pricing, it provides a compelling value proposition for job seekers. Given its comprehensive offerings and ease of use, we rate Skillroads 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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