Scenario is an AI design platform that generates high-quality, style-consistent and proprietary game assets using AI

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Scenario is an AI design platform that generates high-quality, style-consistent and proprietary game assets using AI

Game Development Transformed with Scenario AI

Welcome to a new era of game development, powered by artificial intelligence (AI). Scenario AI is an innovative platform that generates high-quality, style-consistent game assets. In simple terms, Scenario AI is like a digital artist who works on your command, creating various game assets like characters, buildings, vehicles, and more. It aligns with your game’s style and increases the efficiency and speed of your game development process.

Key Features of Scenario AI

  • AI-Generated Game Assets: Scenario AI leverages AI to generate a wide range of game assets that align with your game’s style.
  • Build Your Own AI Engine: The platform allows you to create custom-trained AI models using your own data.
  • Enhance Creativity: Scenario AI supports swift testing of new game concepts and ideas with efficient prompting.
  • Accelerate Production: Scenario AI helps to speed up your game production by generating unique, high-quality content, cohesive to your art direction.
  • Visual Selection: You can upload your own training data including characters, props, buildings, concept art, and more.
  • Bespoke AI Models: Create your own generative AI engines, no technical skill required.
  • Generate Outstanding Assets: The platform allows you to bring your ideas to life quickly and easily.

Use Cases of Scenario AI

  • Game Development: For both individual developers and game development studios, Scenario AI can drastically improve the speed and quality of asset creation.
  • Creative Testing: For teams experimenting with new game concepts and ideas, the platform offers a quick way to visualize and test these ideas.
  • Production Scaling: For mid to large-sized game studios, Scenario AI can be used to scale production by generating a high volume of assets quickly.


Scenario caters to various user needs by offering several pricing models:

  • Starter (Free): Ideal for individual users in the testing phase, providing access to custom-trained models, 2 trainings per month, 150 images per month, and community support.
  • Essential ($90/month): Designed for individual users or emerging teams, offering 20 trainings per month, 2000 images per month, and standard support.
  • Pro ($750/month): Suited for mid-sized teams, it includes 50 trainings per month, 12000 images per month, and enhanced support.
  • Premium ($4500/month): Aimed at larger studios, the plan includes 200 trainings per month, 75000 images per month, and advanced support.
  • Custom: Custom plans tailored to an organization’s unique needs are available upon request.


Scenario AI is a game-changer in the realm of game development, marrying AI’s power with artistic creativity. Its ability to generate style-consistent, high-quality assets offers game developers a significant efficiency boost.

The platform earns a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. The slight deduction is due to the limitations inherent to any AI-based service, which may not always perfectly mimic human creativity. However, its speed, quality, and broad feature set make it a highly useful tool for game developers of all sizes.



Plans start $90/mo

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