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Pictory is an AI video tool that converts long-form content into shareable branded video snippets

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Pictory: Revolutionizing Video Creation with AI

In an era where video content is king, Pictory has emerged as a potent tool for the effortless creation of engaging video content. Pictory is an AI-powered service that converts long-form content into shareable branded video snippets. Simplifying the complex task of video production, Pictory ensures quick, cost-effective, and accessible video creation, requiring no specific technical skills or software downloads.

Key Features of Pictory

Pictory’s strength lies in its advanced features that cater to various aspects of video creation:

  1. Automated Video Creation: Pictory leverages artificial intelligence to extract valuable ‘golden nuggets’ from long-form videos, including Zoom, Teams, and webinar recordings. This feature allows you to repurpose your existing content into digestible and engaging video snippets.
  2. Script to Video Conversion: Pictory can transform scripts into captivating sales videos complete with stock footage, music, and voiceovers. With this feature, video production can be completed within minutes, helping you meet deadlines effortlessly.
  3. Transform Blog Posts into Videos: Adding another dimension to your content, Pictory can convert blog posts into interactive videos. This feature boosts your SEO, increases readership, and makes your content more appealing.
  4. Automatic Captions: Considering that 85% of social media videos are watched on mute, Pictory’s feature of automatically adding captions to videos can significantly increase your reach. It saves time and eliminates the need for costly outsourcing.

Use Cases of Pictory

Various sectors can benefit from versatile video creation capabilities:

  • YouTube Creators: It can assist YouTubers by transforming scripts into engaging videos, saving considerable time on video editing and content creation.
  • Marketers and Social Media Managers: By extracting valuable snippets from long-form videos, marketers can share key messages more effectively, increasing organic views and engagement on social media platforms.
  • Agencies: It offers a cost-effective and rapid solution for agencies dealing with multiple clients, providing an easy way to create and customize videos.
  • Bloggers and Course Creators: For bloggers and course creators looking to diversify their content, it provides a simple way to transform written content into engaging videos.
  • Coaches: Coaches can use to quickly create instructional videos, saving time and effort on production.


Pictory offers a “Get Started For Free” option, allowing users to experience its features without making an immediate financial commitment. The plans starts at $19 per user/mth.


Pictory, with its AI-powered features and user-friendly approach, is redefining the landscape of video creation. It offers a cost-effective, efficient, and rapid solution to video production that eliminates many of the traditional barriers, making video content creation accessible to a wider audience.

While services are impressive, there are still some areas that could be enhanced. More customization options and additional video editing tools would improve the platform. Therefore, Pictory earns a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ – 4.5

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Plans start $19/mo

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