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NovelAI is a AI storytelling tool that allows users to create unique stories and thrilling text-based adventures

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NovelAI is a AI tool that allows users to create unique stories, engage in thrilling text-based adventures, and experience virtual companionship

NovelAI – Unleash the Power of AI Storytelling

NovelAI is a subscription-based service that utilizes Artificial Intelligence to enable users to create unique stories, engage in thrilling text-based adventures, and experience virtual companionship. Powered by advanced Natural Language Processing, NovelAI’s AI models are trained on real literature and produce human-like writing that seamlessly adapts to the user’s input, perspective, and style. Ideal for authors, hobbyists, and creative minds alike, NovelAI offers an unparalleled playground for the imagination.

Features: Exploring NovelAI Capabilities

NovelAI boasts a range of innovative features designed to empower users in their storytelling ventures:

  1. Visualize Characters with Image Generation: NovelAI offers powerful image models that allow users to bring their characters and story moments to life using leading Anime Art AI and other AI models.
  2. Text Adventure Module: For those who prefer more structure in their writing experience, NovelAI’s Text Adventure Module offers engaging quests and adventures.
  3. Customizable Editor: NovelAI allows users to personalize their writing space with the theme editor, adjusting fonts, sizes, and color schemes to their liking.
  4. Secure Storage: NovelAI ensures the privacy of its users by encrypting all stored stories with XSalsa20.
  5. AI Modules: With AI Modules, users can emulate the styles of famous writers, explore specific themes, or even train the AI using their own data.
  6. Lorebook: The Lorebook feature enables users to maintain control over their world by outlining rules and tracking key elements of their stories.

Use Cases: NovelAI in Action

NovelAI can be used in various scenarios to boost creativity and enhance storytelling experiences:

  1. Aspiring Authors: It can help writers develop their ideas, overcome writer’s block, and experiment with different styles or genres.
  2. Hobbyists: For those who enjoy creative writing as a leisurely activity, NovelAI offers a fun and engaging platform to explore new ideas and build intricate worlds.
  3. Educational Purposes: Teachers can use to encourage students to practice their writing skills, develop story ideas, and think critically about narrative structures.
  4. Role-Playing Gamers: NovelAI can be employed by gamers to create immersive backstories, design complex characters, or generate engaging narratives for tabletop role-playing games.


NovelAI offers four subscription tiers, each with its own set of features and pricing:

  1. Paper (Free Trial): Access to Euterpe (second-best AI storyteller), 100 free text generations, and 100 free TTS generations.
  2. Tablet ($10/month): Access to Euterpe, unlimited text generations, 1,000 Anlas (currency for custom AI module training and image generation), advanced AI TTS, and image generation.
  3. Scroll ($15/month, Best Value): Access to Euterpe, unlimited text generations, 1,000 Anlas, advanced AI TTS, and image generation with double memory tokens compared to the Tablet tier.
  4. Opus ($25/month, Enthusiast): Access to Krake (best AI storyteller), unlimited text generations, 10,000 Anlas, advanced AI TTS, unlimited normal and small-sized image generations, and access to experimental features.


NovelAI receives a 4.5/5 star rating for its innovative features, intuitive user interface, and powerful AI capabilities. The service caters to a wide range of users, from professional authors to casual hobbyists, and offers a versatile platform for creative exploration. The pricing plans are reasonably structured, providing options for various budgets and needs. The half-point deduction stems from the fact that some users may require more advanced AI features, which are available only in the higher-priced subscription tiers. However, overall, NovelAI is a valuable tool for those looking to enhance their storytelling experience and unleash the power of AI-assisted authorship.

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Plans start $10/mo

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