An AI music generator by OpenAI, capable of generating musical compositions with ten different instruments

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MuseNet is an AI music generator by OpenAI, capable of generating musical compositions with ten different instruments

MuseNet: Revolutionizing Music Composition with AI

MuseNet is a cutting-edge deep neural network developed by OpenAI, capable of generating four-minute musical compositions with ten different instruments. It can seamlessly blend various styles, from classical Mozart to country and even the Beatles. It is not explicitly programmed with human understanding of music; instead, it learns patterns of harmony, rhythm, and style by predicting the next token in hundreds of thousands of MIDI files. Built on the same general-purpose unsupervised technology as GPT-2, MuseNet demonstrates the potential of AI in the realm of music composition.

Features of MuseNet

The main features of MuseNet include:

  1. Multi-Instrument Compositions: It can create compositions featuring up to 10 different instruments, offering a rich and diverse musical experience.
  2. Style Fusion: The ability to combine various musical styles allows to generate unique and innovative compositions.
  3. Large-Scale Transformer Model: It is built on a 72-layer network with 24 attention heads and a context of 4096 tokens, enabling it to remember long-term structures in a piece.
  4. Unsupervised Learning: It discovers patterns in harmony, rhythm, and style by learning to predict the next token in MIDI files without explicit human programming.

Use Cases for MuseNet

MuseNet can be employed in various scenarios, such as:

  1. Music Education: Its diverse compositions can serve as educational resources for music students, helping them understand different styles and instruments.
  2. Creative Inspiration: Musicians and composers can use MuseNet-generated compositions as a source of inspiration for their own works.
  3. Soundtracks and Background Music: It can create unique soundtracks for films, video games, and other multimedia projects.
  4. Personalized Music: Users can generate custom compositions tailored to their preferences, creating a personalized listening experience.


At the time of writing, there is no specific pricing information available for MuseNet. As an AI research project developed by OpenAI, it is possible that it will be made available for free or under a subscription-based model in the future. Users interested in exploring MuseNet should monitor the OpenAI website for updates on pricing and accessibility.


In summary, It is a groundbreaking AI-driven music composition tool that showcases the potential of deep neural networks in the creative realm. Its ability to generate multi-instrument compositions and fuse various musical styles is both innovative and inspiring. However, some limitations include a possible deviation from the user’s chosen instruments and occasional struggles with odd pairings of styles and instruments. Considering its potential and the current state of development, we rate MuseNet 4.3 out of 5 stars.

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