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An AI logo maker that helps users to create stunning professional and unique logos instantly

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MakelogoAI is an AI logo maker that helps user to create innovative logo instantly.

AI Logo Maker

MakeLogo.AI is an artificial intelligence-driven logo design tool that enables users to generate stunning and exclusive logos for their projects in less than 24 hours. Leveraging the power of AI, this tool provides multiple logo concepts to choose from, with high-definition (HD) renders and transparent backgrounds.

Key Features

  • 100% AI-Powered: MakeLogo.AI uses advanced artificial intelligence to generate unique logo concepts based on user inputs.
  • Multiple Concepts: Users can choose from a variety of logo concepts designed by the AI, ensuring a wide selection of creative options.
  • HD Renders: Receive high-definition versions of each logo concept with transparent backgrounds for versatile use.
  • Quick Turnaround: Logo designs are delivered within 24 hours, allowing for rapid branding and deployment.
  • Logo Customization: Customize your chosen logo by changing colors, adding text, and modifying fonts in the Logo Editor.

How AI Logo Maker Works

  1. Write Your Project Info: Provide the AI with your project name, a brief description, and your logo requirements.
  2. Select Concepts: The AI will generate multiple text concepts for your logos based on your inputs.
  3. Select Previews: Choose your favorite low-resolution previews, which the AI will then convert into HD renders.
  4. Customize Your Logo: Use the Logo Editor to adjust colors, add text, and change fonts to create your ideal logo.

Use Cases

MakeLogo.AI is perfect for:

  • Entrepreneurs and startups seeking a unique logo for their business
  • Small businesses looking to rebrand or update their logo
  • Freelancers in need of a logo for their personal brand
  • Nonprofits and organizations requiring a professional logo for their cause


MakeLogo.AI offers three pricing packages, each including a different number of logo concepts and HD renders. The bigger the package, the lower the cost per logo:

  • $9.97 Package: 10 logo concepts, 2 HD renders
  • $14.97 Package: 30 logo concepts, 4 HD renders
  • $19.97 Package: 60 logo concepts, 6 HD renders

During the BETA phase, users can enjoy a special 30% discount on their package.


MakeLogo.AI, while powerful, may not provide the same level of customization and design intricacy as professional design software or hiring a professional designer. However, for users seeking a quick and cost-effective logo solution, this AI-powered tool offers an excellent starting point.

Comparison with Other AI Logo Maker Tools

  1. Tailor Brands (https://www.tailorbrands.com/): Tailor Brands is an AI-driven logo design platform that offers customizable logo designs and branding solutions. While providing a user-friendly experience, it requires a subscription for access to its features and logo downloads.
  2. Logojoy (https://logojoy.com/): Logojoy is another AI-powered logo maker that generates unique logo designs based on user preferences. Similar to Tailor Brands, Logojoy offers a wide range of customization options but requires payment for logo downloads and additional features.

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Plans start at $9.97

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