Imagen is an AI-driven photo editing solution that revolutionizes your Lightroom Classic workflow

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Imagen is an AI-driven photo editing solution that revolutionizes your Lightroom Classic workflow

Imagen AI Photo Editing Tool

Imagen is an innovative AI-powered photo editing solution specifically designed for Adobe Lightroom Classic. It learns your personal editing style and saves you time by automatically applying your style to your photos. With its cutting-edge technology, Imagen streamlines your editing workflow and ensures consistency across your entire photo collection.

Imagen is a groundbreaking AI photo editing tool that aims to revolutionize the way photographers edit their images. By analyzing your previously edited photos, Imagen creates a Personal AI Profile that can be applied to your Lightroom Classic catalog at lightning-fast speeds – less than 1/2 second per photo. The AI Profile adjusts various settings, such as white balance, exposure, and color correction, based on your unique editing style. Imagen also offers Talent AI Profiles, which are pre-built profiles created by industry-leading photographers, to help you edit your photos in their distinct style.

Features of Imagen AI Photo Editing Tool

Some of the key features of Imagen include:

  1. Personal AI Profile: Imagen analyzes your past edits to create a unique profile that reflects your editing style. This profile is then applied to your photos in Lightroom Classic for consistent and accurate results.
  2. Talent AI Profiles: Choose from a variety of pre-built profiles created by top photographers to experiment with different editing styles or gain inspiration for your own work.
  3. Fast and Accurate Editing: Imagen’s AI can edit your photos in under 1/2 second per photo, making it one of the fastest photo editing solutions available.
  4. User Control: Imagen puts you in control of your edits by allowing you to review and tweak the AI-generated results in Lightroom Classic.
  5. Continuous Learning: Imagen’s AI continuously learns and evolves with your editing style as you use the tool, resulting in improved accuracy over time.

Use Cases for Imagen AI Photo Editing Tool

Imagen is a versatile tool that can be beneficial in various scenarios:

  1. Wedding Photography: Imagen streamlines the editing process for wedding photographers, ensuring consistent results across hundreds or even thousands of photos.
  2. Event Photography: Imagen’s speed and accuracy make it an invaluable asset for event photographers, who often need to process large volumes of photos quickly.
  3. Portrait Photography: Imagen helps portrait photographers achieve a consistent look and feel in their work by applying their unique editing style across all their images.
  4. Real Estate Photography: Imagen ensures that real estate photographers can edit their photos consistently, providing professional results for their clients.
  5. Sports Photography: Imagen allows sports photographers to quickly process large volumes of images while maintaining a consistent editing style.


Imagen offers a flexible pricing structure that starts at just $0.05 per photo. Users can choose from the following pricing plans:

  1. Pay as You Go: At $0.05 per photo, this plan requires a minimum $7/month commitment, which is added to your editing credits. Additional AI tools, such as culling and backup, are available at an extra cost per photo.
  2. Annual Commitment: For users who edit over 18,000 photos per year, Imagen offers discounted fixed pricing with additional AI tools and features. Contact Imagen for a customized quote.
  3. Custom Annual Plans: For high-volume users who edit over 500,000 photos per year, Imagen provides tailored plans to suit their specific needs. Contact Imagen for more information

Conclusion – Imagen AI Photo Editing

In summary, Imagen is a game-changing AI photo editing tool that has the potential to revolutionize the way photographers work. Its ability to learn and apply your personal editing style, combined with its lightning-fast processing speed and user control, make it a valuable asset for photographers across various genres. By cutting down on editing time and ensuring consistency across your entire photo collection, Imagen empowers photographers to focus on their creative work and spend more time doing what they love. Based on its innovative features, ease of use, and competitive pricing, Imagen earns a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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Plans start $7/mo

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