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Elicit AI is an AI research assistant that automates reviews, summarization, and information extraction.

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Elicit AI is an AI research assistant that automates reviews, summarization, and information extraction

Elicit AI – Streamline the Research Process with AI

Elicit AI is an AI-powered research assistant designed to streamline and automate research workflows. Developed by Ought, a nonprofit machine learning research lab based in the United States, it focuses on automating tasks like literature reviews, brainstorming, summarization, and text classification. This free tool harnesses language models to help researchers quickly find relevant papers, extract key information, and summarize the most important takeaways.

Features: Elicit AI Key Offerings

It boasts several impressive features that cater to the needs of researchers:

  1. Literature Review Automation: Automatically search and review academic papers without relying on perfect keyword matches. It quickly identifies top papers in a given field, streamlining the literature review process.
  2. Summarization: Generate concise summaries of papers that are specifically tailored to a user’s research question, allowing them to quickly grasp the most relevant information.
  3. Information Extraction: The AI can extract critical data from papers, such as intervention, outcomes, number of participants, population summary, and more. This extracted information can then be organized into a research matrix for easy analysis.
  4. Text Classification: In addition to summarization and extraction, it also offers text classification capabilities that can help researchers better understand and categorize their findings.

Use Cases: How Elicit AI Can Benefit Researchers

Elicit AI is an invaluable tool for researchers across various fields, including biomedicine, social sciences, and more. Some potential use cases include:

  • Accelerating Literature Reviews: Drastically reduce the time and effort needed to perform comprehensive literature reviews, allowing researchers to focus on their core research questions and analysis.
  • Enhancing Research Quality: By automating the process of finding relevant papers and extracting crucial information, Elicit AI ensures that researchers are better informed and can produce higher quality research.
  • Supporting Non-Experts: Help non-experts apply good research and reasoning practices, enabling them to discover, consume, and generate information more effectively.


Elicit AI is completely free to use. Users can sign up at the website and start taking advantage of its AI-powered research capabilities immediately.


It offers a powerful, AI-driven solution for automating and streamlining research workflows, making it a valuable tool for researchers across various disciplines. Its ability to perform literature reviews, summarization, information extraction, and text classification significantly improves the research process, saving time and enhancing research quality.

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