Contlo is a personalized AI marketing assistance to optimize your marketing tasks and streamline processes

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Contlo.AI leverages AI to optimize marketing tasks and streamline processes like a personalized AI marketing assistant

Contlo: An AI-Powered Marketing Assistant

Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to transform industries across the globe, and marketing is no exception. This is where Contlo steps in, a next-generation marketing platform that leverages AI to optimize marketing tasks and streamline processes. Contlo can be described in layman’s terms as a company’s personalized AI marketing assistant. It simplifies marketing operations and makes them more effective by integrating advanced AI capabilities, including Brand AI Models and Autonomous AI Agents.

Key Features of Contlo

  • AI Marketer™: Contlo’s flagship feature allows users to manage their marketing operations via a simple chat interface. This feature eradicates the need for complex user interfaces, providing a seamless experience.
  • Omnichannel Campaigns: With Contlo, you can easily launch campaigns across multiple platforms, including Email, SMS, and WhatsApp.
  • Generative Marketing Workflows: This feature enables the automation of complete marketing workflows, tailored to user behavior, making your marketing strategies more effective and personalized.
  • Brand AI Model™: Contlo allows you to train your brand’s AI model, leading to the generation of on-brand marketing creatives. As it learns, it becomes better at producing high-converting copy and creatives aligned with your brand’s personality.
  • Hybrid AI + Human Support: This provides seamless 24/7 assistance to your business, ensuring optimal performance and addressing issues promptly.

Use Cases of Contlo

  • Creating and Launching Marketing Campaigns: By simply chatting with the AI, marketers can initiate and oversee marketing campaigns across various channels.
  • Creating Personalized Marketing Creatives: With the Brand AI Model™, businesses can generate high-converting, brand-consistent copy and creatives.
  • Automated Marketing Workflows: Businesses can elevate their marketing strategies by generating entire marketing workflows based on dynamic user behavior.
  • Segmenting Customers: With custom audience management AI, businesses can intelligently map customers to relevant segments.


Contlo offers a tiered pricing model designed to suit businesses at different growth stages.

  1. The Basic plan is free, offering unlimited push notifications, up to 1,000 email credits, basic analytics, and more.
  2. The Starter plan starts at $199 per month and is designed for small businesses, offering features such as up to 15 segment creations, up to 10 automations, email and chat support, and more.
  3. The Pro plan, best suited for medium-sized businesses, starts at $499 per month and offers features such as advanced analytics, priority support, and more.
  4. The Enterprise plan offers a customized bundle for large-scale businesses, with features tailored to meet their unique requirements.


In conclusion, Contlo stands out as a comprehensive, AI-powered marketing assistant that offers innovative features to make marketing operations more streamlined, personalized, and effective. It combines AI technology with marketing to deliver results that could revolutionize your business marketing. However, its pricing might be a tad steep for smaller businesses or startups on a tight budget. Thus, on a scale of five, Contlo receives a commendable 4-star rating. ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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Plans start $199/mo

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