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Butternut is an AI website builder that helps you create fully functional websites in just 30 seconds

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Butternut AI is an AI website builder designed to create stunning, fully functional websites in just a matter of 30 seconds.

AI Website Builder Experience with Butternut AI


Butternut AI is an innovative AI-driven website builder designed to create stunning, fully functional websites in just a matter of seconds. Utilizing advanced generative AI technology, Butternut AI streamlines the website development process, providing an efficient solution for users with minimal technical expertise. Maintaining a neutral tone, this article delves into the core features, functionality, use cases, pricing, strengths, and drawbacks of Butternut AI Website Builder.


Butternut AI Website Builder offers several key features that contribute to its efficiency and user-friendly nature:

  1. No Coding Required: The platform’s intuitive interface enables users without coding knowledge to build websites effortlessly.
  2. Full Customization: Users can regenerate images and content in seconds to match their brand voice and preferences.
  3. Built-in SEO: Butternut AI ensures full SEO optimization to enhance the website’s visibility on Google search results.
  4. Fast and Easy to Use: The platform allows users to create unique websites in just three simple steps – enter the business name, submit relevant keywords, and receive a ready-to-launch website.

How it Works

Butternut AI uses advanced generative AI technology to create websites based on the input provided by the user. The AI takes the name of the business and the submitted keywords to generate a complete website with appropriate text and visuals. This AI-driven process results in a fully functional, SEO-optimized website ready to launch in a matter of seconds.

Use Cases

Butternut AI Website Builder is suitable for various use cases, including:

  1. Small Business Owners: Small businesses seeking a professional-looking website without investing in costly web development services can benefit from Butternut AI.
  2. Freelancers and Independent Professionals: Individuals looking to showcase their portfolio or services can create a personalized website in seconds.
  3. Non-Technical Users: Users without coding knowledge can efficiently build and launch their website using Butternut AI’s user-friendly platform.


Butternut AI offers two pricing plans:

  1. Free Plan: $0/month – Includes unlimited website generator and website customization.
  2. Premium Plan: $20/month – Offers everything in the free tier, along with a custom domain link, a free SSL certificate, and a dedicated support agent.

A one-month free trial is available for the Premium Plan, requiring no credit card.


Key advantages of Butternut AI Website Builder include:

  1. Efficiency: The AI-driven process allows for website creation in seconds, saving time and effort.
  2. User-Friendly Interface: The platform’s intuitive design makes it accessible to users with limited technical knowledge.
  3. Built-in SEO: The SEO optimization feature ensures better visibility and ranking on Google search results.


Some potential drawbacks of Butternut AI Website Builder are:

  1. Limited Customization: While the platform offers customization, the AI-generated design may restrict the extent of personalization compared to traditional website builders.
  2. Reliance on AI: Users with specific design preferences may find it challenging to implement their vision with an AI-driven platform.

Comparison with other AI Website Builders

Comparing Butternut AI with similar tools in the market, such as Mixo, Builder.ai, 10Web, B12, and Bookmark, reveals some key differences:

  1. Mixo: Mixo focuses on creating visually stunning designs with a more traditional approach, while Butternut AI leverages AI to streamline the design process.
  2. Builder.ai: Builder.ai offers custom app development in addition to website building. Butternut AI specifically targets website building using AI technology.
  3. 10Web: 10Web is a WordPress website builder that comes with various templates and plugins, whereas Butternut AI uses AI technology to generate a complete website in seconds without relying on templates.
  4. B12: B12 offers AI-generated website drafts that require manual completion, while Butternut AI provides fully functional websites ready to launch instantly.
  5. Bookmark: Bookmark features an AI-driven design assistant called AiDA, which simplifies the website building process. Butternut AI, on the other hand, focuses on instant website generation based on user-provided information.


In conclusion, Butternut AI Website Builder is an innovative platform that utilizes generative AI technology to create stunning, fully functional websites in seconds. Its user-friendly interface, built-in SEO, and time-efficient process make it an attractive solution for users with minimal technical expertise. While there are some limitations in terms of customization and reliance on AI, Butternut AI offers a unique, efficient approach to website building that sets it apart from its competitors. Overall, it is a valuable tool for businesses and individuals looking to establish an online presence quickly and effortlessly.

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Plans start $20/mo

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